Self-Improving Robotic Brushstroke Replication

co-authors:Jörg Marvin Gülzow and Oliver Deussen.

Published  Novemer 2018 at the MDPI, online magazine

Painting robots, like e-David, are currently unable to create precise strokes in their paintings. We present a method to analyse given brushstrokes and extract their trajectory and width using a brush behaviour model and photographs of strokes painted by humans. Within the process, the robot experiments autonomously with different brush trajectories to improve the reproduction results, which are precise within a few millimetres for strokes up to 100 millimetres length. The method can be generalised to other robotic tasks with imprecise tools and visible results, like polishing or milling

Lebens Wert Arbeit (2018) 
Museum am Dom Trier. Exhibition Catalogue ISBN 978-3-945277-04-1
Out of the Office. (2018)
 Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg und Zeit Stiftung. Exhibition Catalogue ISBN: 978-3-947178-05-6

Brushstrokes in the Digital Age English PDF

Interdisciplinary research in painting and robotics. 

A painting robot is the focal point of a collaboration between the artist Liat Grayver and the research team headed by Oliver Deussen at the University of Constance. The act of painting is disassembled and deconstructed before being translated into the realm of digital creation, where it is executed by the e-David.

Avigdor Arikha and R.B Kitaj. 

The Beauty of Manner- Reality reformed into grace, or, an emerging sense of the aesthetic act of empathy

Exploring matters of translating, mimesis, reality and nature through the subjectivity of the artist spiritual understanding of reality and how creating a feeling of beauty in a work of art is used as a tool of communicating subject matter to the viewer. 

Liat Grayver Master thesis (Diplomarbeit)submitted an der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst. Leipzig, Germany 2015

Portrait of a Sabra: Gestalt of a Symbol (Deutsch,  English and עיברית Text as PDF)

...The human struggle to oppose gravity is embodied in excessive form in a cactus. Just as we build strength to oppose the downward pull of gravity, the lower branches and trunk of the sabra gradually build strength to support the younger branches, themselves struggling to climb ever higher. Nevertheless, the weight eventually proves to be too much for the mother plant to bear and branches split and fall to the ground. Each branch forms new roots where it landed and eventually develops into a new cactus...

Die Gestalt des Menschen — Gestik der Bäume (Deutch text als PDF)

Anthropomorphismus in der Natur fasziniert mich seit vielen Jahren und inspiriert mich in einem anhaltenden Prozess zur Auseinandersetzung mit der Formensprache von Natur und Menschengestalt. Dabei ist mein Ausgangspunkt immer die Beobachtung.